Products and solutions

Products and Solutions

Shenzhen aerospace member

The fiscal and taxation+Experts doubt dispels doubts+VIPExclusive privilege,Shenzhen aerospace information for enterprises in shenzhen area introduced systemic membership service scheme,Around the service、Build a membership service system raise two core target,Boosting enterprise fast growth in shenzhen area。

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ETax cloud

ETax cloud as enterprise tax management information platform,Can be set scientific tax management organizational structure、Improve the system of tax administration,The tax risk control into the overall risk control in enterprise group。

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Warehouse resource management platform

Warehouse resource management platform is a hybrid cloud platform for logistics industry,Ability to open platform for industry integrators and service products,Implementation of perceptionTaaSThe value of service layer and data mining,For corporate clients、The developer、Industry organization and the government provides various resources and data services。

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Financial services

Aerospace information is the nation's largest tax-controlled system construction operations,With perfect branches across the country,More than twenty thousand service engineers in the field of aerospace information deep national tax20Decades。In business field、The public domain、Credit and financial industry、Public institutions、Members of the enterprise、Credit reporting trade offer letter...

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The three major product system

Three Major Product Systems

Financial electronic payment and service

Service and support

Service And Support

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